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At SkinMD, our comprehensive cosmetic dermatology services are designed to help you look and feel your best. Our cosmetic dermatology services are administered under the supervision of a board-certified physician and highly trained aestheticians. We are dedicated to consulting with you on your skincare goals so that you can make informed decisions on the best options to meet your needs.

Collagen P.I.N. Microneedling

The Collagen P.I.N. induces a controlled injury into the skin’s dermal and epidermal junction which stimulates production of growth factors, new collagen and elastin. Your result is healthier, younger looking skin. Depending on degree of correction needed, 3-6 treatments are recommended, at monthly intervals.

Topical anaesthesia is applied 30-45 minutes prior to the procedure. Mild discomfort is expected during the procedure as well as three days of a “sunburned” appearance. If an add-on peel is used, there will be significant redness and moderate peeling for 7 days. A post-procedure kit is included with the treatment and its use is mandatory for five days following the treatment. Pressed mineral powder may be applied during the recovery period.

Uses: fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, brown pigmentation, acne scars, stretch marks, scars, and hair loss.

Optional Add-on:
Reveal TCA Peel or Protein-Rich Retinol Peel

Read “Microneedling: A Review and Practical Guide” from Dimensional Dermatology.


Dermaplaning is a safe and effective way of exfoliating the outer layer of dry skin.  This technique uses a highly modified scalpel blade to remove hair and layers of dead skin.  The newly exposed skin immediately looks smoother and fresher.  For even greater exfoliation and hydration, a mild peel or skin specific mask is applied after dermaplaning
+ HydraFacial MD or Chemical Peel

Laser Treatments



  • Red and brown spots
  • Vessels
  • Ruddy complexion on the face, neck, chest



  • Individual brown spots, sun damage on the neck, chest, arms and hands
  • Finer and lighter colored hair


Targets permanent hair reduction on almost all skin types, anywhere; the large spot size makes for quick treatments


Target: facial wrinkles and textural irregularities from mild to severe, whether you would like to treat one facial area or your entire face. This one-time treatment provides beautiful results with minimal downtime. Your treatments with the 2940 hand piece are performed only by the physician.

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